The Tampa Bay History Center is an excellent resource for learning about the history of this region. It has showcased more than 10,000 years’ worth from both ancient civilizations and more recent events in its exhibitions.

The Tampa Bay History Center has a collection of artifacts and texts from early European voyages to America. Starting with an exploration into their discoveries, you will be surprised at what they have found.

Little-known facts about Tampa Bay’s history await you at this museum. From the story of how Spanish conquerors managed to settle and Christianize what was previously considered an empire full of chievous gods through native sacrifices that took place before European settlement.

Tampa Bay History Center has a wealth of videos that cover modern civilization in Florida. The informative and entertaining clips show how we’ve changed as people over the years, from natural to cultural changes that take place right before your eyes.

Situated at 801 Old Water St, Tampa, FL 33602, USA, the Tampa Bay History Center tells the story of what made this area so unique and special, from pirates who refused to give up their treasure until they were dead or worse; settlers that braved through dark times only for it all be taken away again.

The beautiful Tampa Bay History Center is also the best place to learn more about the people and organizations that have made this city so successful. From museums dedicated to different eras in history, all without ever leaving your seat- there’s something for everyone at the TBHC.

This history center is a great example of an under-the-radar experience in Florida. It doesn’t have any flashy attractions, but it’s still fun and interesting.

The Tampa Bay History Center has an impressive exhibit (Cuban Pathways the Exhibition) that traces the complicated 500-year history of Cuba and its ties to our area. The objects in this expansive collection reveal individuals whose lives shaped both modern islanders’ existence as well they should know it better than anyone else. Cuban Pathways can be found at their location right now – stop by if you want to learn more regarding what makes these items so special.

The Tampa Bay History Center has three floors of permanent exhibitions and several changing galleries. On the first floor, you can see Florida’s first peoples in their native dress or learn about Spanish exploration through artifacts that prove there was more than just pirates on these shores. Next up is a gallery dedicated entirely to Cuban cigar rolling history – follow it down two flights until we reach cattle ranchers who played key roles in establishing our state as we know now–and then take one last turn around before leaving this building behind forever.

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