Snell Isle is a residential neighborhood located in St Petersburg, Florida. This coastal area has an assortment of homes that range from single-family houses to condos and apartments, with water views being one common feature between them all.

The median price of homes in the Snell Isle neighborhood is $1,216,899, which makes it more expensive than 97.7% of neighborhoods in Florida and 96% nationwide.

The cost of renting a home in Snell Isle is higher than the average for all other neighborhoods in Florida. The current rental price in this neighborhood stands at $2,210, which makes it more expensive compared to 70 percent of other communities within our beautiful state.

The Snell Isle neighborhood is one of the more peaceful areas in St. Petersburg. With its quiet streets, this area provides residents with an escape from bustling city life while still being close enough for them to commute each day comfortably. The homes here range widely when it comes down to sizes, but all have two things in common: They’re cozy and well maintained by their owners.

The Snell Isle neighborhood is a great place to live, with mostly medium sized (three or four bedroom) single-family homes that offer plenty of space for your family. Most residents are college-educated professionals who want an affordable price point on their real estate investments.

The neighborhood of Snell Isle is a great place to live in the St. Petersburg area. The homes are well-maintained and spacious, with most ranging from one or two bedrooms up through four bedrooms – perfect for any family. There’s also plenty of restaurants on offer near this thriving community that will satisfy even your worst appetites without breaking out into hives, either hurting their wallets too badly or giving them an early exit strategy because it wasn’t worth eating anything else ever again after experiencing what was served at these places.

The Snell Isle neighborhood is a quiet and quaint area that is mostly owner-occupied. Many of the residences here are older, well-established, with some dating back as far as 1940 or 1949; these homes make up this owner-occupied community. There’s also plenty more other construction too – between 1970 through 1999 if you’re looking for something specific in terms of ages/time periods

The high concentration of professionals in Snell Isle defines what this neighborhood is about. With 68% working as executives or managers, it’s no wonder that the character here shapes so perfectly to suit their needs.

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