Shore Acres is a quaint and beautiful suburban neighborhood located on the oceanfront in St. Petersburg, FL. This coastal community offers plenty for those who love to soak up some sun or explore maritime history while they’re here on vacation.

The Shore Acres neighborhood is among the most expensive in Florida and America. Its median real estate price comes out to $647,557, which makes it considerably higher than other areas on this list; however, you are still getting a quality lifestyle that few can match. In fact, the median real estate price in this community is more expensive than 88.8% of neighborhoods in Florida and 84.2% across the U.S.

The cost of renting a home in this area is higher than in most other neighborhoods. The average rental price for an apartment or condo here comes out to $2,846 per month, which works out to be about 91% more expensive than the statewide mean.

Shore Acres is a popular location for real estate because it has so many different size options. You can find homes from small to large, single-family or multi-family properties with a various number of bedrooms that suit your needs best.

Homeowners in the Shore Acres neighborhood have been established for decades. Residential real estate in the Shore Acres neighborhood is mostly owner-occupied. Many of these homes were built between 1970 and 1999, but there are also a few that predate between 1940 to 1969.

The nautical theme in this Shore Acres neighborhood is obvious. The homes are situated on the water, and many have amenities for those who love to watch ships go by or take advantage of pedaling along miles-long beaches where you can find peace any time, day or night.

Not only are the people in this neighborhood well-educated and wealthy, but their homes also maintain a high appreciation rate. If you’re an executive looking for a similar company that lives comfortably with plenty of time to spend on hobbies or other interests, then Shore Acres might be perfect.

With a higher income than 94.3% of neighborhoods in America, it’s no wonder that the Shore Acres neighborhood is among those ranked as one for exceptional wealth and splendor. This exclusive community has attracted many families who want their children to grow up with the same advantages as those kids did before them – an abundance from hard work applied personally or through inheritance when possible; plus plenty more still leftover just because they were able to live life on its own terms.

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