Prevent Algae From Streaking Your Roof


Prevent Algae From Streaking Your Roof

In the South, black algae is a common problem that makes roofs look dirty and old with streaks of dark stains. Traditionally, homeowners have paid hundreds to companies for cleaning services but 3M has developed a new technology called Scotchgard Protector which can save you thousands in labor costs because it prevents roofing material from becoming stained by this toxic substance.

Curious about how 3M Scotchgard in Atlas Shingles can protect your home from those black streaks? Keep reading to learn the benefits of this product.

What Causes Black Algae to Grow On a Roof?

The map created by Atlas shows Florida is a hot spot for algae growth due to all of its humidity and rain.

Algae can start to form as soon as one or two years, but it needs certain conditions in order for this to occur. The south tends to have these perfect conditions that allow for faster growth because of high amounts of moisture from rainfall and humid weather patterns during summer months.
In addition, different types grow dependent on external factors such as roofing material type (metal versus shingle), exposure location (southern slope versus northern-facing side) along with environmental variables including sunlight exposure which cause dark spots called “blackspot” while fungi produce more orange/red discoloration known commonly referred to red rot.”

Is Having Algae on Your Roof A Problem?

While algae doesn’t affect the performance of your roof, it does impact how buyers perceive its overall quality. Many homebuyers will see a house covered in green slime and assume there are more issues than actually exist. We’re often called to homes where owners worry about potential leaks or premature aging because they’ve noticed this type of growth on their roof.

Does ScotchGuard Protection Really Work?

Atlas has partnered with Scotchgard by 3M to create shingles that prevent black algae growth. So how do they work? Atlas uses coated copper granules in their shingles, which naturally kill the microorganisms like algae and other organisms on your roof without harming you or animals walking around it. Plus, each of these shingle contains more than three times as much copper as competing companies.

Why Choose Atlas Shingles For Your Roof?

Why we choose to install Atlas shingles…Although there are many different brands and styles of roofing shingle on the market, our customers deserve nothing but the best for their roofs so that they can continue building memories together under their roof with their families and friends. We believe that only atlas offers both algae-resistant features as well as Scotchgard protection which makes this brand unique from all others available today!

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