St. Petersburg is home to Placido Bayou, an urban neighborhood that has been around for many years. This scenic area offers beautiful views and great opportunities for all types of people who want something different than their everyday life may offer them elsewhere in St. Petersburg, Florida area.

The Placido Bayou neighborhood in Florida has a median real estate price of $382,322, which is more expensive than 67.6 percent of all neighborhoods across Florida and 67.1% of the communities nationwide.

The Placido Bayou neighborhood in Florida is a popular and expensive place to live. The average rental price there currently stands at $2,378, which makes it higher than 78% of all other neighborhoods across the state.

The Placido Bayou neighborhood is a great place to live if you are looking for single-family homes and apartments. The real estate in this beautiful community primarily consists of medium-sized (three or four bedroom) properties, with some small ones too.

Most of the homes in the Placido Bayou community are owner-occupied, with many having been built between 1970 and 1999. There is also a significant number that was created throughout the 1940s to 1969; this speaks volumes about how long-lasting these houses really can be.

Placido Bayou has a lower than average rate of home and apartment vacancies. This makes it an excellent place to live, with high-quality living spaces that are affordable for most people who wish they could afford them.

The people who live in the Placido Bayou neighborhood are upper-middle-class, making it an average income area. This implies that they have more money than 78% of other areas across America. The people in this St. Petersburg neighborhood are not only well-to-do but also friendly and welcoming. This community has an average income that makes it one of the more lucrative areas around town – perfect for those looking to live comfortably without sacrificing their happiness or safety.

The Placido Bayou neighborhood is one of the most prosperous areas in all of Florida. In addition, children living here are much less likely to experience poverty than their counterparts elsewhere across America.

The Placido Bayou community in St. Petersburg, FL, is home to much cultural diversity, with an eclectic mix of Englishmen and Germanics being among the most commonly identified as reported by residents here. There are also those who have Italian ancestry or French roots alongside other less prevalent ethnicities like Irish people can be found when looking closer into this area’s history.

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