PACE – Providing A Path To An Energy Self-Sufficient Future

The most dreaded bill that homeowners receive each month is the energy one! Now, more than ever before in Florida – we should embrace new technology and drastically reduce or eliminate this monthly headache by making use of all available resources.


P.A.C.E (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is proving to be the most effective way for homeowners and commercial building owners across America, not just those in cities with PACE programs already installed on their infrastructure–to finance energy efficiency & safety improvements that reduce wasteful utility bills costs while creating jobs! This offers significant economic benefits as well as environmental ones too; it’ll help local governments overcome some important sustainability goals they were previously unable to get there without this innovative financing strategy at all levels of government (federal/state). PACE financing provides 100% of the funds you need for high-efficiency heating & cooling/air conditioning, wind-resistant roofing, insulated siding, and more!

PACE financing is a secure way of funding for your home or building that will be displayed on the tax bill. It’s secured by you, and it matches up with how much money you’re able to save from energy costs each year in order to offset the amount paid back as PACE repayments every month– eventually making this an investment rather than just being charged off as interest does!

Florida PACE is the most trusted authority in-home energy efficiency improvements, helping property owners throughout Florida save money on their electric bills. We provide up-to-date information and transparency about this exciting opportunity that allows you to reduce costs while making our planet more sustainable!

It’s easy to cut your home energy bill by 60% with a few simple changes. Replacing an outdated HVAC system and swapping out old incandescent light bulbs for LED versions can do wonders!

For those who are looking to save on their heating and cooling bills, it’s important not only to keep the heat out but also cool air inside. Upgrading older homes with spray foam insulation can help you take care of both problems at once!

The ultimate step to eliminate that costly energy bill is a move into an Energy Self Sufficient Solar Powered Home! With Florida PACE Program, you will have all the power and money necessary. They also cover electric vehicle charging stations so your transportation can be powered by the sun as well.

Energy providers in Florida are hiking up rates due to the state-approved rate increases. PACE home energy efficiency improvements can help you save money and spend less on your electric bill!

We know that during our hurricane season, safety should be top priority. That’s why we offer impact windows and doors as well as backup generators to give you peace of mind when disaster strikes!

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