Maximo / Eckerd College is a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood in St. Petersburg with easy access to all the best beaches and downtown attractions. This coastal town has so much going on that you’ll never run out of things to do for your vacation.

This suburban neighborhood has easy access not only by major roads but also public transit, which makes it very accessible for people of all ages and backgrounds who are looking forward to this lifestyle with their family members or friends that they’ve brought along on the move together as well-., Maximo / Eckerd College offers more than just ocean views; you’ll find plenty of beautiful spots within your reach.

The median real estate price in the Maximo / Eckerd College neighborhood is $638,578, which makes it more expensive than 91% of neighborhoods across Florida and 86% nationwide.

Maximo / Eckerd College is a great community to live in if you are looking for high-quality living at an affordable price in St. Petersburg. The average rental cost here currently sits around $2700, which makes it one of the most expensive communities in St. Petersburg – but also offers so much included with this expense. The average rental price in this community is higher than 88.4% of neighborhoods across Florida, which means you’ll need to invest more money if you want a good deal on your next apartment or house.

In case you’re looking for a great community to call home, the Maximo / Eckerd College neighborhood might be exactly what your heart desires. With plenty of small apartments and single-family homes as well as medium-sized multifamily buildings that offer three or four bedrooms in each unit, there’s something here sure will fit all needs.

In the Maximo/Eckerd College neighborhood, there’s a variety of home sizes and ages. Many residents are homeowners who have been living in their houses for several years without having to worry about major repairs or updates, while others rent from an owner-apperceiving company like Airbnb when they’re not staying with friends during school breaks.

The Maximo/Eckerd College neighborhood is a mix of established homes and new construction. There are plenty that were built between 1970-1999 as well, in addition to those dating back several decades earlier.

Maximo/Eckerd College neighborhood is a great place for college students. With 28% of the population enrolled in school, this area has an impressive concentration of young people who are pursuing higher education.

Whether you’re a prospective or already enrolled college student, Maximo / Eckerd College neighborhood is an excellent choice. The walkability and safety make it ideal for those who want to live here while studying hard at their schools.

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