When you think of the perfect St. Petersburg community, it’s safe to say that Historic Old Northeast will be at least partly responsible. This urban neighborhood located in St Petersburg offers a different perspective on what constitutes beautiful scenery with its picturesque views and historic charm alike.

The Historic Old Northeast community in St. Petersburg, Florida, is a pricey place to call home. The median real estate price here sits at $1,039,287, which makes it more expensive than 96% of all other neighborhoods in Florida and 93% nationwide.

When it comes to renting in the Historic Old Northeast neighborhood, you’re paying a very high price. The average rental price is currently $2,320, which makes this area more expensive than 75% of all other Florida neighborhoods.

Historic Old Northeast neighborhood is sure to come up once you think of a classic neighborhood. This area has an abundance of small single-family homes and apartment buildings that are perfect for any family’s needs, from one or two bedrooms all the way up. 

Historic Old Northeast is a fantastic place to call home. There’s no better way than living by the water and having access not only to recreation but also to work. With its nautical ambiance (it was originally built on boats), this historic neighborhood offers plenty of amenities that will make life here feel like you’re staying at one unique resort-hotel every day: great schools; excellent public transportation systems such as ferries or bikes paths; trendy coffee shops & restaurants.

This community has a greater concentration of historic residences than 95% of all neighborhoods in America. In addition, if you’re looking for the perfect home that is full of charm with lots of history, then this may be an ideal place to search.

While the people of this neighborhood have a lot in common, they also share some unique characteristics. For example, their love for fine arts and culture make them more urban than most neighborhoods across America.

This neighborhood is home to the well-off and fashionable. The people in this area tend to be more refined than others, with an appreciation for the culture that shows through their taste in music or artistry on display at all hours of day/night despite where they work. If you feel like your lifestyle aligns closely enough with ours, then come visit today.

With more than 1.7% of residents living with a same-sex partner, Historic Old Northeast is truly one neighborhood that stands out from the rest in this regard. In fact, there is a higher concentration of same-sex couples than 95.6% of American neighborhoods.

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