St. Petersburg is a great community to live in, and Crescent Heights offers the perfect example of why. This area has an amazing vibe with lots going on outside everyday life. There are so many different types of people that come here, which means plenty of opportunities for fun experiences around every corner of this urban neighborhood.

The median home price in Crescent Heights is $672,038, which makes it more expensive than 88% of neighborhoods across Florida and 84% nationwide.

The median rent in the Crescent Heights neighborhood is $1,598. This makes it one of many great options for those who want to live at an affordable price but still have access to amenities like quick transportation and big-box stores close by. Not only is the average rental price in Crescent Heights lower than 70% of Florida neighborhoods, but it’s also significantly less costly when compared to other nearby areas.

The beautiful Crescent Heights neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for something different. The area has both large apartment buildings as well as small family homes, perfect no matter your needs or preferences. The area is primarily made up of small (studio to two bedroom) to medium-sized single-family homes and apartment complexes/high rise apartments that offer diverse living options with everything needed in one convenient location.

The area around Crescent Heights is home to many apartments, with some rentals occupied by owner-occupiers and others rented out. Many of these properties were built between 1970 – 1999 when this part of St. Petersburg was less developed than it currently stands at today.

The people in this neighborhood are some of the wealthiest you’ll find anywhere, making it among 15% highest income areas around. That means their salaries will most likely go very far – not just for themselves but also others who live here too.

The residents of this neighborhood are largely employed in high-paying, white-collar jobs. The most popular profession is management with 59% coverage; sales follows closely behind at 20%. Other major industries include manufacturing and laborer positions (10%).

The people who live in the Crescent Heights neighborhood are mostly white and middle class, with about 93.6% of households speaking only English at home. The most common tongues spoken in this community besides English are Spanish -spoken by 4%.

The housing market in the  Crescent Heights community is very competitive, with a vacancy rate that’s lower than average for neighborhoods across America. This means it will be difficult to find an apartment or home in this neighborhood.

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