Bayway Isles is a unique neighborhood in St. Petersburg, Florida, with homes that sit on either side of the water’s edge or enjoy views from their private decks looking out over crystal-clear blue waters. This coastal community offers residents an abbreviated commute since everything nearby can be accessed by car, including shops and restaurants, as well as entertainment options like beaches, clubs, parks, golf courses, scenic bike rides, etc.

The Bayway Isles neighborhood is a nice place to call home. With its $709,325 median price tag on real estate, it’s more expensive than 92% of neighborhoods in Florida and 88 percent nationwide.

When it comes to renting in the Bayway Isles neighborhood, you’ll be paying an average price of $2,428. This makes this area more expensive than 79% of all neighborhoods across Florida.

The Bayway Isles neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for an apartment that offers something different from the norm. There is plenty of studio, one-bedroom apartments as well as three or more bedrooms in this part.

Owner-occupied homes make up the majority of residential real estate in Bayway Isles. Many residents are new to this area, with many having lived there only since 1999 or earlier; however, some have been residents for decades before that date. There is also a mixture between newer constructed buildings which range from 1970-1999 (mostly 2nd generation homes), as well as vintage properties dating back 40+ years ago -perfect if you’re looking for history mixed into your neighborhood’s future.

Bayway Isles is a nautical neighborhood that has amenities to bring in locals and visitors. In some areas, however, the waterfront can be industrial rather than open for recreation or scenery viewing; this affects how much access there is at times when it might otherwise have been more scenic had things not been built up so much around them.

The Bayway Isles is a neighborhood of nearly identical homes. The bulk (86%) were built in the same time period (1970 and 1999) as each other, which provides an informally cohesive atmosphere for this community that’s not too far off from being established yet old enough to have historical significance with its residents.

The Bayway Isles neighborhood has an interesting and unique feature that sets it apart from most other areas in the country. Most houses here are large apartment buildings such as high-rise apartments or complexes, making up 77% of all residential real estate here. This makes for a very noticeable look compared to 96% of other U.S. neighborhoods.

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